What do you do when your iphone screen stays black

16.04.2019 | by Admin
What should you do if you crack your iPhone screen. One is a dead battery, which will naturally prevent the phone from turning on. Do you have install the SDK or jailbreak it.

Why does my computer go to a black screen.

Symptoms associated with fire ant bites. What Is Wrong When the iPhone Screen Goes Black Stays Like That. If you have not recently dropped the phone, exposed it to water or installed new software, the solution is probably straightforward. Test different cords and wall outlets, and make sure your computer is on, not in standby, and doublecheck that it is fully-charged itself. An iPhone with a blank screen can have a number of causes.
We recommend to use OpenDNS rather than other DNS servers. It may seem obvious, but many worried iPhone owners see a black screen because their device has simply run out of power. What do I do if my MacBook screen goes black. You can try resetting the phone to see if it recovers and, if all else fails, contact Apple for a repair or a replacement.