How do you read magazines on sims freeplay

20.08.2018 | by Melynda
News Articles New trailers and game videos Cheats, Hints and Codes. How do you read the encyclopedia in sims freeplay on iPad. How do you read a magazine in the neighbors house in the party boat. Its not too late to use this chance to get ahead on your sleep.
For the new update on sims freeplay how do I buy. This is the party boat, and once you enter here, all of the people that you have added in game center who have Sims Freeplay will show up here in a list, and you can go visit their towns. Have a Sim read the better Farms and Cradles magazine to brush up on their knowledge. Is There Ever A Right Time To Have A Baby.
How do you build a staircase on sims freeplay I bough. How to get player heads, invisible barriers, and command blocks Minecraft. Once the value is set to one you have a infinite supply of ammo. You can build a house depending on your taste, it could be rather costly and add a Sim once it's built OR you could buy a crib which will give you the prompt to add a baby Sim. So, how much do your Sims really know about being parents. My sims wont read the magazine, help. How do you high five a neighbor.