How to delete purchase requisition in sap mm

08.07.2018 | by Mee
After that, the line of the deleted purchase requisition will have a trash can icon at its beginning, meaning the purchase requisition has been deleted. How To Create Purchase Info Record SAP. Its a very weird way to mark an.

SAP purchase requisition tcode.

All product names are trademarks of their respective companies. The line will still be visible, and still exist in the system, but will show that it has been deleted by displaying that icon. Are you stuck not knowing how to draw a linear equation without using a calculator. Dear All, need to know as to how we could delete or close purchase requisitions. How to delete the purchase requisitions created through MRP. SAP How to Delete Purchase Requisition PR. Click Yes button to confirm that you want to delete the items.
How to delete purchase requisition in sap mm
It means the item has been deleted from the system. If you are in the habit of piling your pots inside of one another after cooking, you might find one day that the pots are stuck together. This topic release means giving approval, or clearance, to go ahead with the procurement of the materials or services set out in the requisition. Its still there but there is a recycle bin, in the front of the line of the item. How to show corporate dashboard in SAP Portal. To delete the pr, select the lines you wish to delete and then click on the dustbin icon.