Mouse left click not working imac

15.04.2019 | by Skye
Right clicking does but not left clicking. I have tried removing batteries from my mouse, turning it off, turning bluetooth off, restarting the laptop. I carry another magic mouse around in my bag for offsite meetings, and the mouse was in range of the mac. MousePreference Secondary click was enabled to Right, though it would not work.

The batteries were reading as only half-used, there had been no warning of low batteries as is usually the case, and it has never shown this behaviour before.

Mouse left click not working imac
Dont skip this, I know it sounds silly, but its a common cause of the mouse click not working. I tried turning the mouse off and on, and rebooted my Mac also in Safe Mode, but to no avail. My understanding of excel is very basic. Even two-finger clicking for right clicking works. The trackpad works for scrolling, moving the mouse, etc. The Wacom tablet pen tablet left click would work.
I have run system utilities and reset ACL. I would love to hear solutions for how to setup Belkin router with Mac. I have checked the MousePreference Secondary click is enabled to Right. Without really changing anything from there, everything went back to normal. I even tried unchecking the secondary click function someone said that will work in another support site but that doesn't help either. Absolutely coincidental in timing but I cant declare cause and effect. Btw I have logged in on another account and all works OK.