Plotme world edit not working

28.06.2018 | by Admin
This is a vid of world edit not working. Worldedit not working with plotme. In my experience, using PlotMe with WorldEdit does not work out well at all. Also, if I had started my own thread about this and I didn't know about the PlotSquared plugin, I would be very excited because it is an excellent plugin.
Net Server Support and Administration. How do I add my location to a post. I can't seem to get worldedit working inside of my plotme worlds. Com Minecraft Bukkit Plugins PlotMe. Some applicants might be surprised that their portfolio does not have to be architecture-specific. This is to prevent accidental grief.
Yml on the Plotme File, check out on the Option of WorldEdit And you have to put True to make it Enable for Always. Installation methods will vary, depending on the type of tile being installed. I am not sure if async is a factor but I never removed it from the testing troubleshooting. Anybody have any idea what I could be doing wrong. If you need additional input or information, please let me know.