Sql server 2008 auto close connection

08.10.2018 | by Gala
Open the SQL Server Management Studio and log on to your DB locally. Right-click server name in the left pane and select Properties. This results in queries taking longer time to execute. The database is shut down cleanly and its resources are freed after the last user exits.
Should the sql auto close database option be set to True or False. The reason I haven't offered this before is because my versions of various products is kind of random. However, any new databases that are created have Auto Close checked, so eventually the original problem will resurface. The algorithm to convert the multi-dimensional value is called bit-interleaving. When I come back, all the tabs in SQL Server Management Studio have lost the connection to the database. No place that just says account but only change account which I do not want to do.
If Auto Close is turned on, once all connections to a database are closed. Close all windows and restart the SQL service. And capture a trace during a connection attempt to the SQL server. When a database is closed SQL Server will flush the data cache and execution plans from the Server Memory.