When did crazy horse become a chief

06.07.2018 | by Maya
He was given temporary charge of many of the Lakota warriors at the Little Bighorn battle. He was also the camp chief of a small number of families but he never became a widely-accepted chief like Gall. In time, Crazy Horse learned that the Indians were not alone in their world.

His people began to call him the strange one.

When did crazy horse become a chief
He always gave the meat to the poor and to the families that had no hunters. Early the following year after Little Bighorn, another white general attacked his people. He would go away from his village and spend days alone. Did crazy horse have hobbies Chief Crazy Horse.
Eventually, Chief Crazy Horse and the Indians surrendered. All the village people, including women and children, had been shot by soldiers. Two times in the next few years, young Crazy Horse saw the burned remains of Indian villages. This put him on equal rank with many other Lacota war leaders. It was in this particular reservation that he was killed by the American soldier. He didn't become the chief, he became a chief - and not a very high-ranking one. Haow many calories are in a glass of bacardi and diet coke, when did crazy horse become a chief.