How to play clue board game yahoo answers

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Each player needs a clue sheet keep this secret. Clue or Cluedo is a popular board game originally produced by Parker Brothers. We have all Candy Crush Saga levels. Place envelope to the side or on the center X on the board, depending on which version you are playing.

I put a link below to Board Game Geek and the pages that have pictures of the Player Power cards and the Suspect Cardsin a picture with the other Evidence cards.

Boddy is found dead inside of his mansion. Roll the die and move your token the corresponding number of spaces. How To Play Clue - Super Simple For Beginners and First Time Players - Board Game and App. In this game tutorial, you'll learn how to play the shop-till-you-drop board game Clue.

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Learn how to use the BlackBerry Priority Hub. WikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. This is the answer to the murder mystery. Even if there are not six players, move the remaining suspect tokens onto the board.