What does instagram look like when you are blocked

26.06.2018 | by Graham
Open it when you have downloaded and installed it. If youre marketing on Instagram you probably encountered the dreaded You have been temporarily blocked. First of all, you are not alone. Don't worry, lil snoop, we've got the answers.
I even drew a handy little red box around it. Yeah, that means you're friends. Installing it on your cell phone gives you the ability to run games and other applications you can use for global chat, image viewing and various other things.
The next page is for what you were looking. See for yourself here, and know once and for all if that guy you might have drunk texted one too many times really did actually block you off of Instagram. Facebook gives you the options to be friends, to block and to delete. It will show you a page that notifies you to Sign in with Instagram. If you havent youre either very lucky or do very few like actions which keeps you safe.