Atrix lapdock not working

16.04.2019 | by Yuko
A factory reset will not restore those files to stock working order. Hi I justbought a lapdock for my Atrix, but when I dock it in all I can see is the phones menu. Is this part of the known problem with a fix supposedly in the works, or is this something else.
Atrix lapdock not working
So is anybody know whats going on here. Please help with a simple plugging in question. The power supply is also done via the micro USB. You could buy a house for that instead.
Atrix lapdock not working — pic 2
Does anyone have a clue for me. The only thing that will undo that is a stock SBF flash. Mine did not work with JB, but does with ICS. And does anyone have any info about the upcoming update. Since my wife and I both have lapdocks, I was able to substitute parts and the problem remains. Atrix lapdock not charging phone.