Type cover 4 not working

29.06.2018 | by Zula
However soon after it will fail again. Hi, than the Cover, which I can perfectly live with, will it work. I've tried to manually download and install the latest firmware and drivers from the Download firmware and drivers for surface page. My system information is below.

My device manager does not show the Surface Touch Cover Filter Device under keyboards or anywhere.

Type cover 4 not working — pic 1
Youd better wait for seconds, and power up the device again to check if it is fine. A couple of years ago I wrote about how to fix keyboard problems with the original Surface RT and it remains a popular post on the site. The normal reboot method can not get the cover type working. The following are a few methods that have helped many other Surface users fix their keyboard. Let the tablet to drain the battery to low level completely.
So, despite the look and that the Surface will be larger guys. Interestingly, the type keyboard does appear in my device manager. After I switched to Ubuntu, the hot key is no longer working. Thats all for the Microsoft Surface keyboard not working troubleshooters. Their Surface keyboard or Type Cover isnt responding properly or has become totally unresponsive.