Warrior cats what did mapleshade do

15.04.2019 | by Craig
This was probably a good time to try and slip away while they were busy squabbling among themselves. Mapleshade was exiled from the Clan. Mapleshade imagined the two Thunderclan warriors circling each other, unsheltered their claws as tension grew. ThunderClan is appalled when they find out about the death, and is quick to ask you how it happened.

Appledusk manages to recue her but the kits have drowned.

Warrior cats what did mapleshade do
Mapleshade was a ThunderClan warrior, yet she fell in love with a RiverClan tom. Mapleshade MAP - Look what you made me do - Intro. Warrior Cats Concept Ideas - Faded Cats. Against the warrior code, she falls in love with the RiverClan warrior Appledusk, who had previously caused the death of Oakstar's son, Birchface. He fell in love with her as well, and they had kits.
Stemwing argued, Half-breeds are a scourge on the warrior code itself. Mapleshade is a large, tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with a white muzzle, and white patches. It's incredible that we were able to make this MAP in just two weeks. What are some interesting life hacks for saving money. This is my first ever video on warrior cats. I thought for a couple of days about if I wanted to join this MAP.