What is a cvt

01.07.2018 | by Lizeth
It provides an infinite number of gear ratios. Theyre built with a defined number of gears, for example first through sixth plus reverse, of course. Thats because it forces the engine to run at high rpm revolutions per minute as the vehicle gets up to speed.
So, whilst its as easy to operate. A gearbox allows the wheels to rotate at various speeds in mph, without altering the engine speed in rpm. From there, though, the CVT gets a little bit more complex. It also means the engine can be held at its most economical point while increasing the speed of the wheels, where a normal gearbox would have to spee. To a certain extent, a CVT works much like a standard automatic.
And does the gear change for you. Unlike the individual gears in an ordinary automatic, this gear can handle all speeds. In an automatic vehicle, the car does all the work and the driver does not need to shift between gears while driving. If you're car shopping for the first time in a while, the CVT may be a new term to you vs. A CVT is unlike an automatic in that it has no gears at all.