How to select text in chrome android

01.07.2018 | by Marcela
Open Chrome on your Android device. Hope you like the guide, keep on sharing with others too. After you set the desired size, you can go back to browsing, and text will automatically be adjusted to the new size. Tap the Web Search button and a new tab will open with the selected text entered as a search query in your default search engine.
Navigate to any page of your choice and select a word or phrase on the page. ToString doesn't get selected text in Chrome. In addition to the Select all, Copy, and Share options, you will notice there is a more button those three little dots at the end of the bar. Change Default Zoom and Text Size in Chrome.
How to select text in chrome android — pic 2
This machine was considerably more sophisticated than the Red machine and no one, on the US side, knew whether it was even breakable. Internet providers assign the public address, while the home network administrator controls the private address. Here, you can also enable Force Zoom to zoom-in on any website. Universal Copy is the Android app that will let you copy such TextView texts.