Sql server 2008 r2 sp2 installation media

15.11.2018 | by Admin
This streamlines the installation, and reduces human error. Below is the screenshot for the same. You use the slipstreamed installation media to add new features to the SQL instance. I usually prefer working on scripts and installation media from a local workstation.

Click OK in the Setup Support Rules window.

The installation media root directory is not indicated under 'options'. I did not write this step by step. In this scenario, the slipstream installation might fail. Work to be completed on the Domain Controller. These so called 'tiny organs' perform needed functions for the support of cell life. Below are the contents of the error logs.

So be careful while changing your name and always put your real name.

Sql server 2008 r2 sp2 installation media
I need to install some prerequisite software before I can install SQL Server. This question asks during a 'new installation or add features to an existing installation'. If you use Windows XP, to install Tortoise SVN recent versions you need to install the latest version of Windows Installer before. I used what I found here written by Peter Saddow. Once I get the system up and running, I will bump up the memory to be close to what I actually need but I will leave it dynamic.