What is log file in sql server 2008

08.10.2018 | by Admin
Physically, there can be additional LDF files but this is only recommended in specific situations. The old transactions are marked for reuse after a transaction log backup. Is not shrinking the log file at more level and also the shrink log file is expanding immediately in short time only.
Backup is not created of log file. Use a known housekeeping gene for your DNA to insure the quality of your cDNA and as a positive control. Windows Event Logs Application, Security and System. The script below shows some queries and commands you can use to detect and reduce the number of VLFs in your transaction log file. If you want to change current location, browse the new default location for data and log files or enter the new path fpr data and log files. However, many other log files also help to diagnose and troubleshoot problems.

This problem occurs if you use a SqlDependency object to manage the notification subscription in the application.

Switch to your database USE ngmetadata. Additionally, many event logs are logged in the Application log. A SQL Server transaction log file is an integral part of every SQL Server database. Get SQL Server version, Application Name With a Query. I appreciate the easy to follow instructions. But there can be only one active LDF.