What is oregano look like

28.06.2018 | by Shu
View slideshow of images above. Mediterranean Greek oregano is typically milder than Mexican oregano, the former being used in pizza seasonings and the latter sometimes called for in chili recipes. Freshly picked oregano with small white blooms.

Oregano is also called wild marjoram or pot marjoram.

The dried spice has a more intense flavor. Watch the Did-You-Know slideshow. The green leaves of oregano are flat and oval and can range from fuzzy to smooth. Mediterranean oregano is commonly used for sauces, while Mexican oregano is in some chili recipes.

Note that the genera names Origanum and Marjorana are used interchangeably by some, and that the herb Marjoram Origanum marjorana is in the same family.

The most common include Greek Origanum vulgare hirtum or Origanum heracleoticum, Italian Origanum majoricum, Cretan Origanum onites, and Syrian Origanum syriacum. Based on Toby Youngs memoir How to Lose Friends Alienate People. The difference is in the taste oregano is mostly spicy while marjoram is lemony sweet. This herb is often mistaken for marjoram as they belong to the same family and look very much alike. Mediterranean oregano tends to have a milder flavor than Mexican oregano. Ive been around a lot of marijuana strains, and though the scent can vary, I can tell you that Ive never encountered any weed that smelled even faintly like oregano.