Wood shingles siding installation

01.07.2018 | by Jana
Installing wood shingles is an art form that dates back to medieval times and the thatched roofs of peasants in Europe. Bob demonstrates a few of the pry bars used to remove the old shingles and the tools used to apply the new. Due to the size of shingles you can actually dip each one inside the pot, instead of having to brush it on. This project centers around the remodel of Bob Vila's own gracious Shingle Style home in Cambridge, MA.
Wood shingles siding installation — pic 2
Before installation, coat each shingle with a good quality oil based preservative. It is important to consider maintenance costs of wood shingle siding along with installation costs compared to other types of siding. Not only do these roofs look unique and attractive, but they are also energy efficient and incredibly durable. If installed properly, lap siding can last for years with a minimum of effort on the homeowners part. If anyone knows about this type of thing, how much do you think it would cost overall. It is all about learning and mastering the basics before moving on to the next step, wood shingles siding installation.
Shingles are basically small rectangles of wood that are attached to an exterior wall one by one, from the bottom working upwards. Whether it is composed of wood or asphalt, your shingle siding is ill-suited for adhesion. Each row, or course, overlaps the one below it. Hidden Rot, Mold, and Deterioration.